Curriculum Guides for K to 12

The Curriculum Guides for the entire K to 12 (including Senior High School) are almost complete on the website of the Department of Education.

So far, only the following are not yet available for K to 10: some Technology and Livelihood subjects (a number are already available)

Not yet available for Senior High School are: Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person (but the Filipino version is already available); Culminating Activity (for Senior High School); and most of the Specialized Subjects (but already available are Business Ethics and Social Responsibility; Pre-Calculus; Basic Calculus; General Biology; General Chemistry; Tailoring; Food and Beverage Services; Bread and Pastry Production; Automotive Servicing; Refrigeration and Air-conditioning; Consumer Electronics Servicing; Electrical Installation and Maintenance; Shielded Metal-Arc Welding; Carpentry; Plumbing; Tile Setting).

The Curriculum Guides can be downloaded from this site:





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